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Timothy working on the Monument and posing with the Stanley Cup.

Hockey legend Johnny Bower recieves a miniature of the National Hockey Monument.

The monument being worked on at the International Hockey Hall Of Fame Kingston, Ontario.

Carving the wood prototype in front of the historic Kingston City Hall, Ontario. A few minutes walk away from where some of the first hockey games where played in the 1800s.

At the Memorial Cup 2008, Tim takes a break from carving to show a young hockey fan how he makes a sculpture.

The tour kicks off at Signal Hill in St. John's, Newfoundland.

George Faulkner, Newfoundland's hockey legend, receives a replica of the National Hockey Monument on Signal Hill, St. John's.

The National Hockey monument being carved overlooking the city of St. John's.

Tim takes a break from working on center ice at the Gander community center rink to meet the mayor of Gander, Claude Elliott

Tim working outside at the Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Hall Of Fame in Corner Brook, meets the representatives of the hall.

The Mayor of Cape Breton, John W. Morgan, after viewing the Monument and receiving the small model, accompanies Tim on a symbolic puck drop starting another Screaming Eagles game.

At the Halifax MooseHeads game in The Metro-Center, Halifax, Tim jokes around with the Moosehead Mascot.

The Monument visited by the Mayor of Windsor Anna Allen and the chairman of the Halifax committee for the Black Ice Hall Of Fame, Wilfred Jackson.

Tim at work on the monument.

Tim at work on the monument.
(reverse side)

Detail of the monument.

P.E.I. Hockey Legend Forbes Kennedy recieves a hockey monument replica before a P.E.I. Rockets game in Charlottetown.

November 2nd in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

Tim presents the small replica of the National Hockey Monument to the Hanover Mayor, Kathi Maskell before the games begin in Hockey Day in Hanover, Ontario.