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Purchase a Miniature:

If you are not able to get close to the actual model and drop a Loonie into the big glass jar, you can still be a part of the excitement!

You can support the National Hockey Monument by purchasing one of Tim’s many miniature Hockey sculptures. Not only will you enjoy these wonderful pieces as permanent keepsakes, but the proceeds will directly support the construction of the full scale model.

Click here for more information

Visit Inside Sports Hockey Website for complete collection of carved pucks.

Visit Little Leagues Hockey Website for complete collection of carved hockey miniatures.

Visit Fire On Ice Hockey Website for complete collection of copper plated metal cast hockey miniatures.

Call Tim!

If you want Tim and his model to come to your city/town for a busy event, then call Tim and he will consider each and every request.

If you want to cover Tim's tour in a special media feature, call Tim!

If your organization wishes to support Tim's tour through inkind or financial support, call Tim!

If you have other ways you wish to promote or build awareness of this great Canadian quest, then you know what to do…call Tim!

Tim can be found at 519.664.0621 if he is not on the Cross Canada Tour